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6 habits to reduce the chance of a cold

6 habits to reduce the chance of a cold

Everyone around you is sniffling. Haven't caught a cold yet? Take good care of yourself and reduce the chance that you will catch a cold.

Habit 1:eat healthy
Be healthy from the inside out. Help your body by eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Habit 2:Exercise regularly
Exercise gives your immune system a boost, so keep exercising regularly. However, don't go overboard, because everything that stands for is not good.

Habit 3:Get enough sleep
Those who are rested are less susceptible to viruses.

Habit 4:Take the time to relax
When you're stressed, you're more likely to catch a cold. Take the time to relax between the crowds.

Habit 5:Wash your hands regularly Bacteria spread quickly:bacteria spread quickly via door handles, buttons in the elevator, taps, banisters and other surfaces. Just think how often you unconsciously touch your face with your hands… That's exactly why washing your hands regularly is important and effective in preventing a cold.

Habit 6:Ventilate your home
Ventilate your home regularly to bring fresh air into your home. Tips to ventilate your home.

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