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Healthy and fit through the winter

Healthy and fit through the winter

A quarter of the women is more than three kilograms heavier in the winter than in the summer months. Do you recognize this phenomenon? We have listed some tips for you on how to get through the winter healthy and fit.

– Winter naturally brings seasonal vegetables. Think of kohlrabi, kale and parsnips. These vegetables are packed with vitamins, calcium and folic acid. But the most vitamin-rich vegetables are the Dutch Brussels sprouts. These are rich in vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin C and potassium. So very healthy!

– Fancy a tasty winter stew? If you eat meat with it, choose lean meat. Oh yes, and omit the gravy altogether.

– A power substance that can come in handy in the winter is zinc. This activates more than 200 hormones and enzymes and increases the strength of your immune system. Zinc is found in milk, meat and fish products.

Body and movement
– Don't let the cold and inclement weather stop you from going outside. Today there are plenty of modern raincoats and sturdy umbrellas with which you can brave the weather, on foot or by bike. Every bit of movement is included!

– Let's be honest:maintaining your training schedule in the winter is a difficult task. And fitness equipment in your living room comes with a nice price tag. Fortunately, there are low budget stuff. Think of a balance ball, a skipping rope or simple weights. This way you can stay inside, but still work up a sweat!

– In winter you sometimes long for a long and especially warm shower. But try to alternate that warm shower by turning on the cold tap every now and then. Because you get used to the temperature difference, you are more likely to get over a cold or the flu.

– You can forget about swimming in the sea in winter. But there are plenty of indoor swimming pools in the Netherlands. Swimming uses all your muscles and joints, so it's super healthy. Twice a week, 40 minutes, and you are already bikini-proof for the summer.

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