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4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

Summer vacation is coming.

In order to best prepare your skin before exposure to the sun, it is essential to start now.

Here are 4 essential tips to follow for an optimal and economical tan.

1. I eat colorful fruits and vegetables

4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

Exposure to the sun increases the production of free radicals, responsible for skin aging. To combat this effectively, there is nothing like the antioxidants present in ripe and colorful fruits and vegetables :they accelerate melanogenesis (the creation of melanin, this enzyme which allows the skin to tan).

Thus, we can throw ourselves on citrus fruits , tomatoes , the grapefruit , the watermelon , the red pepper or apricots . Of course, we also think of carrots (main food containing beta-carotene which accelerates our tanning and prepares the skin for the sun). broccoli and green cabbage , but also all green vegetables in general, are very good to prepare us for the sun.

We sprinkle our salads with parsley , rich in vitamin C (also antioxidant) and a drizzle of olive oil which facilitates the assimilation of vegetables.

2. I do a course of solar capsules 1 month before departure

4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

In order to prepare the skin for the sun, but also to intensify the tan and obtain a superb tanned complexion, there is nothing like a cure of sun capsules a month before leaving.

It is easily found in pharmacies, in the health food section of supermarkets, or on the internet (amazon link).

Sun capsules work as nutritional supplements:rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E , these capsules help to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting tan.

Be careful though :these capsules should not be considered as sun protection! It does not act against UV. It is therefore essential to protect yourself from the sun during your exposure with sunscreen (minimum index between 20 and 30 for optimal effectiveness), and to avoid exposure between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. because it is during this period that the sun is most aggressive.

3. I mix carrot essential oil with my moisturizer

4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

No need for self-tanners that will cost you too much. Carrot essential oil is a 100% natural trick which gives a nice color to your skin.

Indeed, the carrot contains a large amount of beta-carotene whose antioxidant properties prevent the aging of the skin, thus preparing it for exposure to the sun while giving it a light natural tanned complexion.

Where to find it?

On this site you can buy a 10 ml bottle of carrot essential oil for €5.5.

How to use it?

I mix 5 drops of carrot essential oil to the quantity of cream used to moisturize my whole body. And I pour a single drop in the amount of moisturizer I need to hydrate my face.

I hydrate so my skin daily forone month before leaving on vacation and I give it the necessary elements to make it more beautiful under the effects of the sun.

Gradually, I get a nice complexion that will accentuate with the tan.

4. I don't exfoliate just before sun exposure

4 Effective Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun.

The exfoliation is useful because it gets rid of dead skin and allows you to new skin . Thus, the moisturizer penetrates more deeply and our skin is softer.

However, exfoliation, since it removes a thin film of skin, weakens the epidermis . And your skin risks burning more under the effect of the sun because it is no longer thick enough to protect itself.

It is therefore preferable to avoid scrubs 15 days before going out in the sun so that the skin has time to regenerate and can provide a protective barrier against the sun's rays.

With these 4 tips , you will be able to effectively prepare your skin for tanning , a month before leaving. Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun with protective cream because these tips do not protect you from UV rays!

Did you know these tricks to have a superb long-lasting tan? Do you know any others? Let me know in the comments.