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Age Spots:The Secret Remedy To Easily Reduce Them.

Age Spots:The Secret Remedy To Easily Reduce Them.

Age spots, we could do without them!

But whether you have dark skin or light skin, it's hard to escape...

Want to make them disappear? No need to ruin yourself by buying a special cream.

Fortunately, there is a secret grandmother's remedy for removing age spots.

The trick to reducing age spots, is to follow a treatment based on magnesium chloride . Watch:

Age Spots:The Secret Remedy To Easily Reduce Them.

  • How to
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  • Why does it work?
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How to

1. Dilute 20 g of magnesium chloride in one liter of water.

2. Mix well with a spoon.

3. Drink a glass of this remedy in the morning.

4. Drink another glass in the evening.

5. Continue this cure for 3 weeks in a row.

6. Stop for 10 consecutive days.

7. If necessary, start your treatment again.


Age Spots:The Secret Remedy To Easily Reduce Them.

There you go, thanks to this natural and effective treatment, your age spots are now much less conspicuous :-)

Easy, natural and effective, right?

And it's much more economical than using overpriced creams whose effectiveness leaves something to be desired...

Certainly, we are not going to promise you that these age spots on the hands, décolleté, face or legs will completely disappear.

But magnesium chloride will really tone them down. And of course more!

If you find the taste of magnesium chloride too bad, you can add fruit juice.

Why does it work?

As we age, the magnesium content in the blood tends to decrease. Magnesium promotes the slowing down of cell aging.

It also protects against free radicals which are responsible for the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

A cure of magnesium chloride ensures a regular supply of magnesium and helps fight against brown spots.


Before starting a course of magnesium chloride, consult your doctor. Indeed, magnesium chloride is very salty.

Magnesium chloride is therefore not recommended for people who suffer from kidney failure or other kidney problems.

It is also prohibited for people with heart disease and on a salt-free diet.

Magnesium chloride is also a laxative. If diarrhea occurs, reduce doses.

Bonus tip

Age spots are the sign of skin aging of the skin. They are also the consequence of too much exposure to the sun.

Indeed, regular exposure to the sun causes an accumulation of pigments, which cause these brown spots.

Prevention is better than cure, right?

So to avoid them as much as possible, you must protect yourself from the sun and use a protective sunscreen (Protection index 30 minimum).