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How to keep in shape and in shape while staying at home with

In this period of confinement, many are wondering how to keep in shape, how not to gain weight or how to stay dynamic. Those who used to go to the gym, play sports outdoors or go swimming feel like a kind of slack. Many beginners and athletes are also embarking on fitness or even food challenges in order to hold out in the face of confinement. Trust My Science and give you some tips to stay in shape and keep the line while staying at home.

We offer you various exercises that will help you, for example, to strengthen your glutes, strengthen your arm muscles or even draw your abs... So what are you waiting for to move at home?

1- Warm up well before each session

Warming up is essential for muscles and tendons in order to limit the risk of injury and accidents such as tears. It helps "heat" the muscles through a mechanism of increasing body temperature and dilation of small blood vessels called capillaries.

You must therefore warm up before each training session in order to prepare your muscles for the efforts. To avoid any risk of injury, we recommend that you warm up for a minimum of 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes.

Consider alternating warm-up exercises and relaxation exercises to gradually raise the temperature. During your warm-up, tightly contract your muscles for 10 seconds then relax them while breathing deeply.

Once your warm-up session is complete, you can begin your series of resistance exercises by regularly varying the exercises for the upper and lower body.

2- Strengthen your gluteal muscles

In order to strengthen your gluteal muscles, especially the gluteus maximus but also the hamstring muscles (thigh), we advise you to practice series regularly, alternating exercises.

These bodybuilding exercises are easily done at home, just like at the gym. You will not need any equipment, only a gym mat to save you the pain of the floor and the cold of your tiles.

Also, we offer 3 exercises to build your buttocks consisting of elevations and extensions of the legs and hips. The donkey kick exercise, if you haven't heard of it yet, is an ultra-effective exercise.

3- Build your triceps

Again, we recommend strength training on the floor and therefore bodyweight. The advantage is that no hardware is required. Anyone can perform these simple exercises at home!

You know the classic push-ups…but have you ever tried rotating push-ups? What about spiderman push-ups or burpees with push-ups?

Do these names mean anything to you? We highly recommend that you give these exercises a try right away to strengthen your triceps and avoid the sagging skin effect we all dread.

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4- Have concrete abs

Working your abs isn't just a matter of aesthetics. Beyond the famous chocolate bars, it is important to know that all your body movements involve the abdominal muscles. These allow you to keep your back straight and adopt the right posture.

Several exercises to do at home allow you to work your abdominal muscles, including the stomach vacuum and different variations of half-crunches. Do not hesitate to vary the exercises and to vary each training session, in order to solicit your entire abdominal belt.

5- The importance of stretching at the end of the session

Last but not least, our last tip:take care of your stretches as well as your warm-ups and training exercises. They will help you reduce muscle tension and limit the risk of injury. However, after a weight training session, it is advisable to perform light and short stretches, so as not to injure the muscle.

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