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The natural medicine kit for summer

Motion sickness, insect bites, bumps, burns and sunburn, an update on the natural kit for summer.

Natural motion sickness

Motion sickness is due to the contrast between the movement perceived by the organs of sight and the immobility of the body perceived by the inner ear.

Traveling by car, plane, boat, or even train can cause discomfort with:

  • sweats,
  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • pallor,
  • nausea, vomiting.

Motion sickness is common in children and also in adults, especially if they are anxious.

Several factors can aggravate this discomfort:

  • heat,
  • tiredness,
  • lack of sleep,
  • overeating,
  • strong odors.

Homeopathy has an indication in motion sickness in adults and children. Strains like cocculus indicus, tabacum, borax and nux vomica or homeopathic complexes can be suggested to you by your doctor or pharmacist.

The essential oils (HE) can also be used to limit motion sickness, whether orally, inhaled or massaged on the jugular for example.

Depending on the age and the person, different essential oils are traditionally used:

  • Lemon EO
  • Peppermint EO
  • Ginger EO
  • Tropical basil EO

Natural remedies for insect and plant bites

Prevention is better than cure

The authorized chemical repellents by the European authorities act mainly on mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, but not on hymenoptera (wasps, bees, etc.). They remain the reference molecules for areas at risk of disease transmission.

In diffusion or in massage, HE also have a role to play in the prevention of insect bites, the most used are HE of geranium, HE of aspic lavender, HE of citronella, HE of lemon eucalyptus.

After the sting, it's not too late to act

It is important to disinfect the wound or pimple to prevent the risk of infection.

For wasp or bee stings, a device to suck the venom may be useful in first intention, followed by disinfection. People allergic to the stings of these Hymenoptera should provide an emergency kit prescribed by their doctor.

To calm inflammation and itching, HE application alone or in addition to medicated creams is interesting. These EOs, such as spike lavender or geranium, have the additional advantage of being anti-infectious.

plant extracts based on liquorice or boswellia are also useful for relieving after insect and plant bites, and can be used from an early age depending on the product.

Severalhomeopathic strains are known to relieve insect bites, we can mention:apis mellifica, ledum palustre, and urtica urens

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Natural remedies for sunburn and burns

Sunburn is a more or less severe burn of the skin induced by type B UV rays. It is manifested by:

  • painful redness,
  • edema in the most severe cases,
  • desquamation of the skin (flaking skin)

A medical consultation is necessary if:

  • More than 10% of the surface of the body in adults is affected
  • More than 5% of the body surface in children is affected.

This assessment is made by comparing the burnt surface to the surface of the palm of the hand (regardless of age, the palm of the hand represents approximately 1% of the body surface).

In the event of a burn, remember that :

  • The presence of blisters, fever, chills and extreme fatigue are also serious signs that should alert you.
  • Deep second degree burns (blisters are punctured) and 3rd degree burns (all layers of the skin are affected) are medical emergencies.
  • The absence of pain is a serious sign that requires a medical consultation (deep burn)
  • Some drugs are photosensitizing, sunburn under such type of treatment will aggravate the burn. Before exposure, you should have your treatment checked with a healthcare professional.

First aid rules to know:

  • The rule of 15:quickly cool the burn with water at 15°C, 15 cm from the jet, for 15 minutes
  • Do not apply ice cubes, antiseptics, colored products (eosin), or butter!
  • Remove jewelry and clothing, unless they adhere to the skin
  • Do not puncture blisters, apply a clean damp cloth
  • In case of sunburn, lay the person down in a cool place, uncover them, spray cold water and give them a drink.

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Natural for superficial burns

Whether for sunburn or minor burns, homeopathic strains used are identical:

  • apis mellifica,
  • belladonna,
  • cantharis
  • natrum muriaticum or sulfur for land treatment, for example

HE can be used pure or diluted in vegetable oil of calophylle, argan, St. John's wort, or even oleo-calcareous liniment (known for its beneficial and soothing effects on sunburn), cold cream or aloe vera in gel depending on the case. The most frequently used are spike lavender EO, ​​officinal lavender EO, ​​helichrysum EO, geranium EO, carrot EO.

Nature against bruises, bumps and sores

Bruises (hematomas), bumps and cuts are common in the summer, between travel and outdoor sports.

In case of injury, after a fall, it is advisable to wash the wound (water and soap or saline solution) and apply a disinfectant , preferably dissolved in water so that it does not sting. A drying and healing solution can be useful in case of abrasion of the skin.

The natural methods at your disposal

EOs have their uses because some disinfect, heal and are anti-inflammatory. You can use tea tree EO, lavender officinal EO. Helichrysum EO is famous for helping to reabsorb a hematoma.

In homeopathy , the strain preferably used is arnica , which exists in granule, or in gel.

You can also find arnica extract in the form of a cream, or even combined with helichrysum HE for a double synergy!

These presentations can be used from one year, 3 years or 6 years depending on the case, get advice from a health professional.

And the basic medicine kit?

The medicine kit must be adapted to the age of the holidaymakers, the place of holiday and the style of stay (hiking, camping, hotel, rental, etc.)

If you are being followed for a particular health problem, your chronic treatment must be provided in sufficient quantity .

In practice, it is advisable to provide in addition:

  • An antiseptic
  • Sterile compresses, dressings (conventional and anti-blisters), adhesive suture strips
  • Physiological serum (to clean the eyes, wounds…)
  • Sun protection
  • Basic medicine for fever and pain (paracetamol)