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A plant works wonders!

What is your best skincare product? That expensive jar of day cream that you are very careful with, that delicious body lotion or that caring cream for your hands? Or is it your houseplant somewhere in the corner of your room?

Happy in your own skin
That nourishing night cream, your body lotion and your moisturizing hand cream:they all make you feel better about yourself. But research has now shown that people who place a plant in their immediate vicinity feel more comfortable in their own skin. Quickly bring out that plant you've tucked away in the corner! Plants also help you relax, promote vitality and stimulate concentration.

Nice action
According to the Flower Council of Holland, houseplants are therefore the best care product in the house. Just like skin care products, they also make you feel good. That's why the Flower Council of Holland is coming up with a nice promotion! From 17 September you can design your own plant with a pot at This is a miniature copy in a lookalike cream jar, with your own name.


The plants can be picked up between 1 and 7 October in the special Vitamin Houseplant branch at Kalverstraat 101 in Amsterdam. For more information, visit