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My Ideal Exercise for a Flat Belly in 3 Weeks!

A flat stomach, we all want it!

But the lower abdomen is a privileged area for the first fats which accumulate there from the beginning of adulthood.

It's not lost though!

I have an ideal exercise to get a flat stomach in 3 weeks:"candles".

Starting position

- Lie on your back with your arms along your body.

- Raise your legs straight up. If you can't, bend them slightly.

Execution of the exercise

1. Take a breath then hold your breath.

2. Try to take off your buttocks barely a centimeter from the ground. Warning:do not rock your feet back and forth. Your legs should move vertically only.

3. Exhale while resting your buttocks on the ground.


For this exercise, it is fundamental to n do not swing your legs and feet back and forth . It is only a question of raising the buttocks and legs vertically . This detachment must not exceed a few centimeters.

Its realization is difficult at first. Generally, you can't lift your buttocks unless you create this pendulum, which is forbidden.

In this case, do not be discouraged and concentrate only on the contraction of the lower abdomen , which will already offer you results. After a few sessions, the buttocks will take off by the force of the abdominals, and not thanks to the pendulum.

Rhythm and repetitions

Start with 3 sets of 10 reps , spaced between 30 and 60 s of recovery.

When you manage to lift your buttocks with each repetition, and without a balance, increase the number of repetitions.


This exercise is excellent for developing the lower rectus (“the two lower chocolate squares”).

With regular and frequent work (three times a week ), you will feel the first results after 4 sessions i.e. 10 days. You will manage to lift your buttocks off the ground and the exercises will be more and more effective.

Visual results depend on your diet and starting level. Allow, on average, 2 to 3 weeks for your belly to begin to flatten.

Your turn...

Have you tried this exercise? Leave me a comment if this description raises questions! We can't wait to read you!