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Athlete's Foot:The Quick and Natural Treatment to Get Rid of It.

Does the skin on your feet look funny?

It's red, dry and doesn't smell very good...

It's probably an infection called:athlete's foot. Better known as mycosis.

These are fungi that spread on the skin mainly between the toes.

It is called "athlete's foot" because it is often athletes whose feet macerate in sneakers who are affected by this skin infection.

Fortunately, there is a quick and natural over-the-counter treatment to get rid of and cure this foot fungus quickly.

Simply rub the affected area with 70% alcohol . Watch:

  • What you need
  • How to
  • Result
  • Why does it work?
  • What is athlete's foot?
  • How to avoid athlete's foot?

What you need

- cotton

- 70% alcohol

How to

1. Soak the cotton in 70° alcohol.

2. Pass the alcohol cotton ball between your toes, rubbing lightly.

3. Let dry well before putting on a sock.

4. Repeat the treatment morning and evening for a week.


And There you go ! Thanks to this grandmother's remedy, mycosis fades quickly :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

No more itchy, bleeding foot mycosis!

And that in just a few days, with just one natural product.

Alcohol is a curative treatment to use once the mycosis is well established.

But it can also be applied as a preventive care if you are prone to fungal infections or dermatophytosis.

Why does it work?

Alcohol disinfects the area contaminated with fungi.

As it is an excellent antibacterial, fungi can no longer spread.

Do not hesitate to apply it also in prevention to avoid a recurrence.

Athlete's foot, what is it?

Recognizing the symptoms of athlete's foot is quite simple.

The fungus is mainly located between the toes and sometimes under the sole of the foot.

The skin between the toes is red, very dry and peeling.

This can cause a burning sensation, itching and an unpleasant odor.

The more the fungus grows, the more the small white skins stand out.

It can even end up causing small fluid-filled blisters that become infected.

It is recommended to pay particular attention to this kind of foot infection when you are diabetic.

How to avoid athlete's foot?

- Impeccable foot hygiene is the best solution. But after each wash, be sure to dry your feet and toes with a clean towel.

- Get your feet fresh as soon as possible by wearing open shoes and removing socks as much as possible.

- Only wear socks made of natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, silk) which do not retain moisture. This prevents the feet from macerating.

- If your feet sweat, use talcum powder to absorb the moisture.

- Avoid shoes that are too tight.

- Examine your feet regularly, especially if you are prone to fungal infections when the hot season arrives.