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My Mascara Dried Up:How I Fix It in 30 Seconds!

Dry mascara is, alas, so commonplace!

But don't throw it away just yet. It may still be useful.

Did you know you can revive your mascara?

A makeup artist friend told me her secret to extending the life of a tube of mascara.

Here's how to catch it in seconds. We have two solutions to dilute it :

- one that works quickly, but does not last over time,

- the other which is a little longer, but which allows you to leave for several days of use!

  • The quick way
  • The more sustainable method
  • Bonus tip
  • Savings

The quick method

In the morning, when it's panic and the tube of mascara is all stuck and dry...

Here is the quick method given to me by a makeup artist friend!

1. Remove mascara clumps that have formed on the brush.

2. Pass the brush under a stream of lukewarm water .

3. Shake well so that there are no large drops trapped inside.

4. Immerse the brush in the tank.

You can go back and forth several times if the mascara is really very pasty!

And presto, the lukewarm water has diluted a little of the black cream, enough to be able to put some on this morning!

In the evening, when you have more time in front of you, here's how to take care of this refractory dry mascara.

The more sustainable method

The second solution, thank you my makeup artist friend, allows you to soften the rest of the paste that is in the tube.

If the mascara has dried out or is starting to get cakey, here's the trick that works:

1. Fill a tall glass or bowl with hot water .

The water should not be boiling otherwise the plastic tank will deform.

2. Then, close the case tightly and immerse it in the container for a few minutes.

The product will melt under the effect of heat and find a creamy texture.

There you go, now you know how to use mascara that is too dry!

These grandma's tricks are really handy for drying out mascara, aren't they?

And you can also use them if you find your mascara too thick.

These two simple little tricks make it easy to smooth it out.

And the best part is that it also works with waterproof mascara.

Bonus tip

You want to avoid ending up with a dry mascara ?

Be sure to close well your tube once you are done using it.

Avoid also to move the brush in and out repeatedly.

This gesture causes air to penetrate, which dries out the product!

So, convinced?

This trick has saved me more than once in the morning or on vacation when I didn't have any other tubes on me!

Savings achieved

A basic mascara costs between 7 and 13 €.

If I have to buy one every two months, that's an annual budget of 40 to 80 €!

With these clever little tricks, I no longer need to throw away my mascara while there's still some product left in it.

By prolonging the life of my makeup , I manage to halve my purchases of mascara...

That's up to €40 in savings per year!