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3 tips to reduce your winter dip

It's autumn again and for many women that also means that the darkest time of the year has arrived. You will be surprised how many women suffer from an autumn dip. Around autumn they feel uncomfortable and extra tired. They simply don't feel comfortable in their own skin. Recognizable? Then it is high time to change this. Fortunately, you can do a lot to feel better about yourself. Especially in the coming winter, now that everything is possible again due to the relaxed corona measures.

Do you feel that your winter dip is already coming? Here are 3 tips that can help you

Go exercise

Okay, this might not be something you're waiting for right now. Going to the gym in Haarlem when you can also eat gingerbread cookies on the couch and watch your favorite series? not seen you! Still, it certainly makes sense to get over that reluctance. Sports not only makes sense to get your body (back) in shape and to lead a healthier lifestyle, but also to feel better about yourself.

You produce endorphins during exercise. This is a happiness hormone that is also released during cuddling and making love. It gives a relaxed feeling and extra peace of mind. This makes you feel wonderfully zen and at ease after exercising. You may be reluctant to go there, but afterwards you will remember exactly why you did it. So be really aware of this. By going to the gym, you will be much more comfortable in your own skin. In addition, it also helps for your condition. So win-win!

Swallow extra vitamin supplements

Many people experience a dip in the autumn and winter due to a vitamin deficiency. In particular, a deficiency of vitamin D. Although vitamin D is also processed in certain foods, the body mainly makes it itself through sunlight. Unfortunately, the sun in the Netherlands is too low during the autumn and winter. As a result, you will not make enough vitamin D even on a sunny day. In addition, it is more often cloudy than sunny on these days. This, in combination with going outside less, is disastrous for your vitamin D level. With all its consequences. That is why it is good to take extra vitamin supplements in addition to a healthy diet. This is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but can contribute to a better vitamin content.

Go out with friends

In winter it is very tempting to linger on the couch on days off. Not a hair on your head that thinks about leaving home at that moment. Unfortunately, this also makes you feel less comfortable. Your body is not made for lazing around all day. You also notice this when you really do nothing for a whole weekend. You often feel more tired than when you've had a busy day. So go out and enjoy it. This way you feel better in your own skin!