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3 reasons why a sports bike is ideal

Most people who live in the Netherlands own a bicycle. Some even have more than one, for example a city bike and a sports bike. Or an electric bicycle and a sports bicycle. In this article we highlight two types of bicycles that are seen as sports bikes and we give 3 reasons why a sports bike is ideal. This bike should not be missing in your shed.

Types of sports bikes
The best-known bicycles that are seen as sports bikes are the mountain bike and the racing bike. Both are two different bikes, with which different sports can be practiced. With a mountain bike you cycle over rough terrain and you can effortlessly trek through the woods. It is great fun to do this with a friend, but you will not get bored on your own while mountain biking. It is not a boring sport. You use a racing bike to make speed and to cycle long distances. Some racing cyclists like to cycle alone, others prefer to go in a group. There are even racing bike clubs that you can join.

Sport bike is ideal
The following three reasons make the sports bike the ideal bike:

1. You can use the bicycle while exercising. Think of mountain biking or racing bikes. The nice thing about this is that you can enjoy being outside and get enough exercise.

2. Sports bikes don't always have to be expensive, as is often thought. Cheap sports bikes are plentiful and in many shapes and sizes. There is one right sports bike for everyone.

3. You use a city bike, for example, to get a small errand. But with a sports bike such as a racing bike you can cycle many kilometers effortlessly and quickly. For example, you have a bicycle for short distances and a bicycle for long distances. This also makes the sports bike ideal for commuting.