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A doll shows us what future office workers could look like

Bent backs, varicose veins, stomach problems… A life-size doll testifies to what office workers of the future could look like.

Office workers, or those who generally work in a seated position, know that good ergonomics are essential. But not everyone follows the rules. To demonstrate the potential risks associated with a poorly configured workstation, the Fellowes company recently developed a giant doll, named Emma.

A transformed physique

Emma has a permanently bent back, varicose veins in her legs due to poor blood circulation, a painful stomach due to constant tension. Not to mention dry eyes from constantly staring at your computer screen.

The doll was recently featured on the sidelines of a report titled The Coworker of the Future . This survey, conducted among 3,000 people in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, reveals that 50% of office workers surveyed already suffer from eye pain, 49% from back pain and 48% from headaches.

" Unless we make drastic changes to our work life, such as moving more, adapting to our desk, taking breaks to walk or considering improving the layout of our workplace, our offices are going to make us very sick ” , explains William Higham, lead author of this report.

The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

Note that this "study" is not really official. The Fellowes company, which ordered it, is obviously trying to promote its own office products here. But even if the physique of this dear Emma is slightly exaggerated here, it costs nothing to remember that a badly configured workspace can really harm our general health.

Recall that recent work has also revealed to us that the simple fact of remaining inactive for two weeks is enough to cause harmful effects on the body. The cardiorespiratory fitness levels of the study participants had indeed dropped. All of them had also gained an average of one centimeter in waist size. Insulin resistance had also increased slightly.

The good news is that these harmful effects on the body could be reversed quickly by changing our habits. If you have to work in an office, it is therefore very important to take the time to move regularly.

In terms of ergonomics, remember that the back must remain as straight as possible. Your feet should also stay on the ground, and your eyes should be placed about 60 centimeters from your screens. Finally, your arms and forearms, placed on the desk, must form a perfect right angle.


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