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Glasses, orthodontics for children, how to choose your health insurance accordingly?

When it comes to health, children need some care similar to that of adults, such as vision correction and the wearing of glasses. For other areas of health, such as orthodontics, children require specific care. Two types of care very poorly reimbursed by social security which make it essential to choose a good mutual insurance company adapted in particular to the needs of children. You will find a lot of additional information on Le Mag de l'Assurance.

What is mutual insurance for?

The primary objective of a mutual insurance company is to supplement health reimbursements from compulsory health insurance, social security. A mutual insurance company thus covers the share of everyday care such as medicines and co-payments, for example, but also the share of services that are less well reimbursed (or not at all) by social security, such as medical expenses. optical, dental, etc.

A mutual insurance company also makes it possible to cover out-of-pocket expenses in the event of hospitalization or exceptional events such as a birth, for example. Mutual insurance thus makes it possible to meet the health expenses that remain your responsibility.

Each mutual insurance company offers different levels of guarantees which allow you to choose the one that best suits your health needs or your family composition. A family with children must indeed face health expenses other than a single person or even seniors for whom there are specific mutual funds.

Additional health guarantees to promote for children

All mutuals offer additional reimbursement of basic current health expenses such as doctor's consultations or medication. Then, the guarantees may differ from one organization to another, as well as their level of support. Some of these guarantees may, for example, be limited in number, i.e. they cover only a certain number of medical acts or treatments per year, capped at the level of the amount of reimbursement or even limited in the time like the reimbursement of a pair of glasses every 2 years.

When you have children, it is important to choose guarantees that fully cover their specific needs. A child who must wear glasses, for example, will be more likely to break them than an adult. It is therefore advisable to choose a mutual insurance company that offers coverage that is not limited in time or that does not impose a maximum number of pairs of glasses reimbursed per year.

In the same way, children and adolescents are those who have the most recourse to orthodontics. This type of care, and the equipment that goes with it, represents a very heavy cost in the budget of a family and social security only covers a small part of these costs. You should also know that this partial refund only occurs if the child is under 16 years old. Beyond this age, you will need a mutual insurance company capable of covering almost all orthodontic costs. In this area, it is also advisable to ensure that a mutual insurance company does not cap the annual reimbursement of care and that it clearly understands the reimbursement of certain specific dental appliances.

Additional services offered by mutuals

Beyond the additional reimbursement of health expenses, a mutual insurance company also has a role in health insurance and information. With children, it is advisable to rather choose a mutual insurance company which offers information, advice and orientation services in the health system, prevention measures or even which gives access to a network of health professionals such as a dentist, orthodontist or optician. This is the assurance of being taken care of by specialists "approved" by a mutual insurance company and above all of benefiting from a good level of reimbursement for care.

In any case, it is essential to carefully study each guarantee offered in detail and to request quotes from different mutual insurance companies to be sure to choose the one that will best cover you and your children.