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3 golden rules for lasting weight loss

3 golden rules for lasting weight loss

You've worked so hard and now you want to stay where you are. How can you ensure that weight loss is permanent? These are the three golden rules.

1. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle

If you temporarily follow a diet and exercise a lot, but then go back to your old lifestyle, the pounds that were off will probably be back on quickly. It is important to make changes in your lifestyle, to maintain changes that are healthy and that are for you.

Hint: Research from Louisiana State University shows that it motivates you to keep going if you see results in the beginning. The researchers argue that it helps to start your new lifestyle strictly:for example, temporarily remove all added sugars, soft drinks and alcohol for the first two weeks. You will lose weight and that will motivate you to continue your healthy lifestyle after those two weeks.

2. Not all calories are the same

One hundred calories is one hundred calories, yet not all calories are created equal. Soda won't satisfy your hunger, nor will it provide your body with healthy nutrients. Choose unprocessed products, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats in your diet. These products provide healthy nutrients and they satisfy your hunger.

3. Don't skip meals

Crash dieting or accidentally skipping meals on purpose won't have the effect you hoped for in the long run. You want to burn fat, not lose muscle because your body is running on its reserves. Healthy living is all about regular meals, healthy food, smaller portions and tackling the problem of overeating.

In short, make sure you lose weight in a healthy way. Take care of yourself and your body, make sure you eat enough and don't be too hard on yourself. Give yourself moments to enjoy your favorite cake, cookies or chips. Only in this way can you create a lifestyle that you can maintain, where you do not immediately eat every kilo that you have lost.

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