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How to avoid "overeating"

How to avoid  overeating

You're actually full, but you still scoop it up again, because it's such a shame to throw it away, because you can't freeze it, for example. But you are actually overeating and you would rather avoid that…

Overeating causes you to subconsciously gain some weight. More than you actually want. So here are some tips to prevent that:

  • Think about what you are going to eat for the whole week. That way you don't end up in the situation where you are hungry and choose the easy way:a pizza or a bag of chips.
  • Know what and how much you eat. You don't have to count calories fanatically:keep an eye on what you eat.
  • Drink lots of water or tea. Hunger or appetite can sometimes be confused with thirst.
  • The freezer is your best friend. Cook larger portions, freeze half and you will always have a healthy meal at home.
  • Go grocery shopping with a full stomach. The chance is smaller that you hoard cookies, candy and other unhealthy things.
  • Stick to your schedule. Eat the same on a home working day as on a normal (work) day.
    Then you don't eat all day long.
  • Have breakfast with beans. Bet that thanks to the fibers you will feel full for a super long time?
  • Fill your fridge with washed and sliced ​​vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, bell pepper and tomato. Snack sense? Then you simply grab a healthy bite.
  • Still in the mood for sweet or savory? Make your own ice cream from pureed fruit and put a stock in the freezer. Or bake a banana bread, a carrot cake or vegetable muffins.