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What actually happens when your foot sleeps?

After sitting in the same position for a while, your foot stings and feels half numb:your foot is asleep. How does that feeling arise?

Often a body part sleeps after you stand, sit or lie in the same position for too long, if you cross your legs or if your shoes are too tight. That is no coincidence:the pressure reduces the blood supply and nerves can become trapped.

Feel weak Because the blood supply is less, you get that limp feeling. At the same time, the pinched nerves cannot transmit signals from your brain to the sleeping part of the body.

What can you do about a sleeping foot?
Stand up slowly and move your foot slowly in a circle. Do not run away immediately, because the weak feeling makes you less stable.

Do you often suffer from tingling?
Do you suffer from tingling without an obvious cause? It is wise to go to the doctor. Tingling can be caused by a hernia, vitamin B12 deficiency, diabetes, restless legs or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Did you know… The medical term for a sleeping body part is parasthesia.