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Vaccination advice is not always correct

Vaccination advice is not always correct

Traveling to a distant destination can pose health risks. Fortunately, there are vaccinations and other precautions you can take. You probably rely on special vaccination centers for the advice, but that advice is not always completely correct.

The Consumers' Association sent 20 'mystery shoppers' to ask for advice from various vaccination centers for a long journey. There was something wrong with the advice in almost all consultations.

Vaccination against hepatitis A must be repeated
A woman indicated that she wanted to go to Peru. The doctor said she did not need a vaccination against hepatitis A, as she had already had one in 2010. However, the vaccination only provides protection for one year, unless the vaccination is repeated.

Wrong advice about the Zika virus Some advisors also went wrong with advice about the Zika virus. Four pregnant women allegedly travel to Suriname. All advisors started talking about Zika, but in only two cases the trip was discouraged. One of the advisors even indicated that he did not lose any sleep over the virus.

Read more about the research on the website of the Consumers' Association.

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