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Spring clean your health

You probably already have quite a few healthy habits. But now that it's spring, a little upgrade won't hurt.

You are already doing this: Exercise regularly.

Spring clean: Also move during work.

'Avoid sitting for more than three hours in a row,' says professor of clinical neuropsychology and movement scientist Erik Scherder. 'Whoever does sit longer will sooner or later experience the disadvantages, such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, back problems, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or unhealthy cholesterol levels.'

Have a standing meeting. Step away from your desk every hour to stretch and stretch. From now on, ignore the elevator and walk during your lunch break. It's small changes that improve your health. What really helps is breaking through the amount of sitting hours you make. Better than exercising for two hours in a day is to cut the day into blocks of thirty minutes, with a maximum of three hours in between.

Curious about what else you can do? In the April issue of Santé you will find 16 more healthy habits with tips on how to upgrade them.