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What to do in case of a fever?

What to do in case of a fever?

With a fever you can feel quite lousy and if your child has a fever, it is sometimes scary. What should you do and not do and when should you go to the doctor with a fever? We list it.

What is a fever? Fever is an increase in your body temperature. Most people's body temperature is between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees. If you have a fever, it can get pretty high.

What is the use of a fever? Fever is useful, often fever is caused by an infection. A higher body temperature makes it harder for the bacteria that cause the infection to multiply. So it is your body's defense mechanism to stop an infection.

Where is the best place to take the temperature?
The best way to measure temperature is rectally.

What can I do against a fever?
You can safely lie down under a blanket. Make sure you drink enough, because fever dries out. Pay close attention to dehydration symptoms in children.

Should I immediately worry if I have a fever? How you feel says more about your health than how high your fever is. There is no immediate reason to be concerned if you have few or no other complaints besides the fever.

When should I see the doctor with a fever? Does the fever last for a long time, have you been to a tropical destination, have you fallen, do you feel absent, do you have other complaints besides a fever or is the fever above 40 degrees? Those are reasons to consult your doctor.

In babies and children
With babies it is better to consult the doctor from 38 degrees fever and when there are other symptoms. In slightly older children, these are signs to see a doctor:monotonous crying, rash, difficulty breathing, absenteeism, rash, vomiting and diarrhea.

When in doubt, always consult your doctor.