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Why You Shouldn't Start Dieting Now

Why You Shouldn t Start Dieting Now

In January, many people will traditionally start to lose weight. It now appears that it is better to wait a few months.

Researchers at Exeter University claim that it is easier to lose weight in the spring. It is more dangerous to be too skinny than to be fat. For that reason, losing weight takes more effort than gaining weight for most people.

Especially in winter you need an extra layer of fat. Because food grows less well due to cold and frost. In the past, that did mean that we had less food at our disposal. Our body protects us against food scarcity by retaining that layer of fat just to be safe. Losing weight makes less sense and our urge to eat is greater when it is cold. Losing weight would be a lot easier in April or May. Good excuse to have another pizza slice or donut.