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Facts about lice

Facts about lice

Lice are very common and it doesn't look like they will be eradicated. You don't have to be ashamed if you have contracted lice, but you do have to take action.

Lice are most common in primary schools, but many secondary schools also suffer from lice
Children like to play with their heads close together, which can cause lice to overflow. Some primary schools check for lice after every holiday, in addition, it is important to regularly check for lice. Research by Prioderm shows that many secondary schools also suffer from head lice, much less attention is paid to this.

You don't have to be ashamed if you have lice
Anyone can get lice. When should you be ashamed? If you know you have lice but don't do anything about it. You are not dirty if you have contracted lice. Lice love all hair.

Lice look for warm spots
You will find lice first behind your ears, on your neck or on your bangs. These are the spots that need to be checked extra carefully during lice control.

You can remove nits with a special agent, but conditioner also works Nits are the eggs of lice. They stick to the hair, making them difficult to remove. If a nit remains in your hair, there is a good chance that you will get lice again. Nits must therefore be removed carefully. Research by the University of Ghent shows that conditioner is just as effective as a special remedy against nits. Also read:How do you remove nits?

March 4 is Lice Day
A new campaign has started. With Luis at home? RIVM wants to gain insight into the spread and approach of head lice. Do you have children with lice at home? Then you can report this via the website.

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