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5 facts about your ears

5 facts about your ears

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1. Your ears help you to keep your balance Your balance organ is located in your ear. Fluid determines whether you are sitting, lying down, looking up… Your balance is determined on the basis of this.

2. There are two types of earlobes
Earlobes that have grown to the skull and loose earlobes.

3. Your earlobes keep growing By the time you're 10, your earlobes will actually be almost fully grown. Yet they continue to grow a little bit over the years. Gravity in particular plays a part in this.

4. Earwax protects your ears
Earwax protects your ear against viruses, bacteria and water, among other things. It also keeps your eardrums flexible. You don't have to clean the inside of your ears, it happens automatically.

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5. Your pinna is unique
An auricle is as unique as a fingerprint.