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Lose for Good:lose weight for a good cause

For every kilo you lose before September 7, one kilo of food products is donated to the Food Bank. Whether it's 15 kilos or 2 kilos, you are doing twice as well:you work on your body and help the Food Bank.

On the Lose for Good website you can see who is participating and what the intermediate position is for the number of kilos lost. Angela Groothuizen donates an extra 10,000 kilos on Donation Day. Together, Weight Watchers hopes to make the Food Bank happy with at least 25,000 kilos of pasta, coffee and other products.

The packages from the Food Bank go to families in need. But did you know that the crisis is also being felt by the Food Bank? The demand for parcels is increasing, while the supply of food is decreasing. As a result, waiting lists are created at the food bank or the packages are forced to become smaller.

Do you want to lose weight and support the Food Bank? Then look at