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help, hair loss

help, hair loss

Everyone loses between 50 and 150 hairs per day. That's normal and nothing to worry about. But what if you suffer more from hair loss?

Question: I lose quite a bit of hair every day. I notice that especially when I wash my hair. It's not like I get bald spots or anything, but my hair is much less full than it was ten years ago. I am now thirty years old and I bleach my hair about once every two months. Why does my hair sometimes fall out like this? And more importantly, can I do something about it? K.B., ALMERE

Answer from dietician Lenny Versteegden: The condition of your hair is influenced by several factors. Among other things, due to smoking, hormone balance, stress and the use of medicines. Your diet is also important:a healthy diet that provides sufficient energy, protein, vitamins and minerals is important for keeping the hair healthy.

If you are deficient in these nutrients, you can suffer from limp, lifeless hair that falls out quickly. A period of dieting and/or unhealthy eating can therefore influence this. Proteins function as building blocks in your body. Your hair is largely made up of these proteins. Moreover, proteins play an important role in the growth of your hair.

In addition to sufficient protein in your diet, a good supply of B vitamins is important for maintaining healthy hair. A balanced and balanced diet is therefore of great importance, whereby you can pay extra attention to sufficient proteins and B vitamins. Proteins exist as vegetable and animal protein. Important vegetable protein sources are bread, grains and legumes (brown and white beans). Important animal protein sources are meat, chicken, milk, cheese and eggs. These protein-rich products also contain many B vitamins. B vitamins are mainly found in bread, grain products, milk and milk products, eggs, potatoes, meat and meat products, vegetables, fruit, fish and nuts.

It has not been proven that B vitamins from shampoo can be absorbed by the skin. That is why those shampoos have no added value (until further investigation).'