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Will the diet replace drugs?

Will the diet replace drugs?

For the first time, a complete 'roadmap' of man has been created. It may still sound a bit vague, but scientists expect that the 'biochemical roadmap' of the human body will cause a huge revolution in the coming years.

Systems biologists now understand for the first time exactly how a person makes himself from the food he consumes. This will enable a whole new way of medicine.

Understanding the metabolism
In theory, thanks to the roadmap, everyone can discover which diseases they are predisposed to, which nutrient deficiencies will affect them and which foods or medicines are most suitable for preventing or treating diseases.

Nutritional pattern
Thanks to these new insights, diets can be composed in a much more targeted way, so that we become less dependent on medicines.

The card can provide an important outcome for various diseases. Cancer is one of them. Thanks to the map, more insight can be gained into how tumors evade drugs and how this can be prevented.