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The Best Reason To Quit Smoking:Save A LOT of Money!

The Best Reason To Quit Smoking:Save A LOT of Money!

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking.

Preserving your health is undoubtedly the most important.

Knowing how much we spend can also motivate us to quit smoking...

A regular smoker spends about €1000 a year in cigarettes.

A heavy smoker who smokes cigarette after cigarette is well over the annual budget of €2,000...

It makes you think ! And to convince you, I did the math.

Savings Achieved

Quitting smoking saves significant amounts of money.

And for our calculation to be as close as possible to reality, we took three different scenarios.

The society smoker who only lights up a cigarette over a drink. That's me... :-)

The regular smoker who associates tobacco with pleasure and who cannot drink his coffee without lighting a cigarette.

The inveterate smoker who lights his cigarette with the butt of the previous one.

- The society smoker smokes around 1 pack per week, i.e. an annual budget of 5.5 X 52 =€286. That's what I hope to save personally...

- The regular smoker smokes 10 cigarettes a day or 180 packs a year. He therefore spends 180 X 5.5 € =990 € per year. It starts to encrypt.

- The inveterate smoker smokes at least 1 packet per day, i.e. a budget of 365 X 5.5 =2007.5 €.

If you don't do it for your health, at least do it for your wallet!