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The Ancestral Remedy To Remove A Wart With Garlic (Quickly!).

In principle, a wart is not a big deal.

The problem is that they are difficult to remove...

And if we do nothing, they quickly become painful and unsightly.

But don't bother buying products sold in pharmacies!

Fortunately, there is an old-fashioned remedy that has been used for centuries to eliminate warts.

The natural treatment is to apply garlic directly to the wart . Look, it's very simple and super effective:

  • How to
  • Result
  • Why does it work?
  • Precautions

How to

1. Peel a clove of garlic.

2. Chop it very finely

3. Crush it to obtain a puree.

4. Apply the mash to the wart.

5. Place a band-aid over it to hold the garlic.

6. Repeat every day until the wart disappears.


And now, thanks to this ancestral remedy, the wart will disappear quickly in just 2 to 3 weeks :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

You don't even have to go to the dermatologist and spend a fortune on treatments!

Whether it is a plantar wart or a wart that is on the hands, fingers or face, this remedy is equally effective.

Why does it work?

Warts are small skin growths that are caused by an infection.

Blame it on a virus called human papilloma.

Garlic, whether raw or in essential oil, has antiviral properties that have been recognized for centuries.

So it is an effective natural remedy for curing warts that you really must try.

Note that to save time, you can also cut the clove of garlic into thin strips and place them directly on the wart, as in the photo below and hold them with a bandage.


Garlic is a powerful remedy. Its secret is allicin! This very active sulfur element develops when it is cut or crushed.

But, the flip side is that garlic can end up burning or irritating the skin. Especially if it is already sensitized!

To avoid this problem, remember to protect the area around the wart by applying oil or putting on a piece of tape.

Bonus tip

Know that garlic essential oil is just as effective as garlic itself in curing a wart.

So you can put a drop of garlic essential oil on a cotton swab and apply it on the wart.

Repeat every day, until the wart disappears.

But it is preferable not to use pure essential oils in cutaneous application. If your skin is sensitive, you risk irritation.

To avoid this, mix 1 drop of pure garlic essential oil with 1 or 2 drops of carrier oil, such as olive oil or grapeseed oil. Then apply on the wart.

Little trick in addition, the essential oil of garlic smells very very strong! Yes, it's concentrated garlic. So, keep your bottle tightly closed in a jar. Otherwise, you'll embalm the whole house!